WWS Membership Rewards

  • WWS is Giordano’s Global Cardless Membership Program. It rewards customers with discounts and points whenever they purchase any regular priced merchandise at select Giordano stores. Members will also be kept updated on additional benefits and special offers.
  • Residents holding a local mobile phone number are eligible to apply for WWS membership. Customers are eligible to register and become members after their first purchase of 200 Dirham’s or more in a single transaction.
  • WWS Members are eligible for a 10% discount on purchase of any regular priced merchandise in most Giordano company owned stores locally and globally. Additionally, WWS Members can also earn points.
  • WWS members can avail the discounts globally.
  • WWS members will be entitled to a 20% discount and also earn points on the entire month of their birthday.
  • WWS members can use their points to redeem up to 20% of the purchase value of any regular priced items. NO DISCOUNTS will be given on any transaction when points are being redeemed.